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2023 Honda Pilot Model Review

This SUV will likely have three rows. Information isn't absolutely solid yet, but the pictures given off by the company make it look like the Pilot will be a rugged vehicle. The vehicle will likely have a V6 option. Honda has indicated that they are focusing on hybrids, s this is also possible. The vehicle will likely have at least 280 horsepower. Turbocharge is also possible.

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Honda Pilot Service Intervals

The Honda Pilot is a model that is comfortable on any road. Of course, every automobile needs routine checks and services to stay healthy, so it's simply important to pay attention to your Pilot's maintenance schedule.

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2023 Honda CR-V Model Review

Available in two editions, the 2023 Honda CR-V runs on an all-new hybrid powertrain. This midsize, five-seat crossover SUV also offers updated Honda Sensing technologies.

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